Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quote of the Year Nominee #1

Let's play an on-going game, with the winner to be announced at the end of the year, called "Quote of the Year for Illinois Politics." Our first nominee this week is this insightful gem:

"I just don't feel that government is working right now for the people it's supposed to be helping"

Who made this right-on-the mark comment about the current state of Illinois government? Sounds like something you would hear from a Republican right? The Illinois House, the Senate, the Governor's mansion, and every state-wide office in Illinois is held by a Democrat: in essence, Illinois government is entirely run by the Democratic party.

In view of the on-going state budget fiasco, and the fact the Illinois' Democratic tax and spend politicians have made our state a laughingstock to surrounding states, most people in Illinois would agree with the above quote. A third grader can put two and two together and get four from on this one: if Illinois state government is "broken and not working," there can be no one to blame but those who are running the government: the Democrats.

Well, we've digressed and kept you in suspense long enough. The above remark belongs to none other than Democratic State Rep. Elaine Nekritz of Northbrook. Look here.

We here at GOPulse agree with you Ms. Nekritz. We've put all our political eggs in one basket in Springfield and it's now apparent that it was and is a huge mistake to do so. The Democrats, who are in control of every aspect of the government of the State of Illinois, have indeed broken our state government. It is not working for those that it should. The only thing missing from the qoute is that change is needed down in in Springfield as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

i hope more voters start paying attention to the disaster that is state government proudly brought to us by the DEMOCRAT party of Illinois!

Anonymous said...

Senator Susan Garrett just put out her franking mail piece just in time for petition filings and the start of the primary season.

She called the session "difficult" before bragging about extra money spent for education on the just passed but stuck in the mud budget. Aren't the Democrats holding up the budget implementation bill that would release this school funding to schools?

Funny how that one didn't make it into her puff piece paid for at taxpayers expense. She did say her salary increase would be used for scholarships. Perhaps she should also funnel the per diem for the eternal overtime session.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope the GOP realizes soon that their current state is not politically viable, and changes enough to be taken seriously by voters. That way, people will actually have two choices when they go to vote.

Right now, voting Republican is just stupid, and people know it. The national Republican party has proven time and time again that it's incompetent and dangerous, to the point where obviously people would have to question the competency of anyone who (even at a local level) would voluntarily associate themselves with the Republican party. It's unfortunate, because one-party rule is never good, but until the GOP gets their act together people will see the Dems as the only viable option.